Housing Profile

Shxwhá:y Village manages 30 homes on the reserve. In the Fall/Winter we help to keep up our homes maintained by providing the following services:

  • Chimney sweeping
  • Pressure washing
  • Mandatory inspections
  • Renovations & repairs

In the Spring and through-out the Summer we provide clean-up services through Housing & Public Works. All of this is on-going for our on-reserve members.

Maintenance is important because our houses are part of our Village assets, and determine the wealth of our community. Most of our housing units are under Social Assistance which means for some, mortgage is covered by the federal government. Under managed housing we provide adequate housing to all our on-reserve members where members must maintain occupancy; we collect rents, and maintain a proper accounting system under the government’s CMHC housing program.

Housing Policy

We are working on a 5-Year Housing Plan, and have future housing starts in our vision. Band members can apply for a new house, but must comply with Shxwhá:y Village Housing Policy available at the Band Office.

Available Houses

There is a priority system for our homes, and criteria for tenant selection.  January 1st of each year is the deadline for applying for a new house and is required every year if you do not make the list for the present year. You can download the housing application: here.