Education Profile

An important ingredient of a healthy community is the academic strength of its members. Education is a life-long journey that must be accessible to all Shxwhá:y Village people. Shxwhá:y Village members work with our major administration services office located at Stó:lō Education Services. Stó:lō provides support for children and adults enrolled in certain education programs.

image07Through these services, Shxwhá:y Village goes above and beyond, and continues to support our primary students through tutorial services and extracurricular activities. Shxwhá:y Village always continues to support our secondary students pursuing their higher education. With this support, we know that in the long run, our Band members will continue to think and prepare for the better of our community. Finally, through our education support, we are always available to assist many of our Band members to enhance their career skills by sending them to local technical programs.
Shxwhá:y Village Band will always encourage the power of education and knowledge. If there is any way we can better our community, we are here to support it.

There are opportunities for adults going back to school, such as the on-going Grade 12 Dogwood program at the Shxwhá:y Band Office. Our tutoring Program at Shxwhá:y Village has been successful, and we will continue the after-school program such as the Homework Club.

Over the past decade, Shxwhá:y Village leadership has been committed to supporting educational programs through long term, consistent, and multi-faceted youth programming. Graduation rates have since spiked dramatically, surpassing provincial averages for graduation rates.
With dedicated support both within the school system and at the band level, the potential of our young people has become immediately apparent. Shxwhá:y Village has taken the bold step of formally starting the process of taking over control of our own education budget. We possess the leadership, expertise, and immense potential of our young people to ensure that our own education department will serve the needs of the community better than ever before. 
In addition to the elementary to secondary school-level children and youth programs, we are proudly launching a visionary and unique initiative.

We will have dedicated resources and time allocated to encourage and facilitate the pursuit of post-secondary studies or programs, in-house tutoring and support services to help members navigate through the often complex world of university applications, funding, scheduling, etc., drop-in services offered regularly, taking place after regular Band Office hours so as to ensure a quiet, disturbance-free environment for our learners, and computers and light refreshments to make the study room comfortable and supportive.
Our goal is to see everyone pursue their passions and gain the education and experience for a fulfilling and rewarding career.
Education is life long. We never stop learning.

At year-end we have an honouring ceremony for all levels of graduation and achievement. That is when we truly feel we have succeeded.