Chief & Council

Council Members

William Rabang


For me they [development plans] are important because they will create jobs for our people, and we won’t have to depend on other sources of income.…
And we’ll help members who are living away from here to come back home.
We’re trying to be careful…about the money part and the building of the buildings we’re planning to do with the partners…we’re being real careful…so that’s what’s taking so long. We’ve had plans back 20 years ago; we’ve been shut down because of environmental problems we were having, and since then, we’ve taken care of things.

Daniel Rapada Sr.

I stand up for Elder’s rights, and have ensured equal rights for off-reserve members by making absentee ballots available and efficient.…I am committed to my beliefs and my vision of Shxwhá:y Village being healthy, successful, and thriving for generations to come.…

Anthony Aure

Tina Sam