CEO Profile

Chief Executive Officer Profile

As CEO of Shxwhá:y Village, my main responsibilities are looking after the current businesses, and looking out for new ones such as a Tissue Manufacturing Plant and waste to energy. Along the way we are proposing other business opportunities that fit with Council’s plans.

Presently, I look after financing for the Village. My CEO role also includes: 1) Preparing annual audit materials; 2) helping with the budgeting process; 3) drafting the budget for Council review & approval; 4) being responsible for all final reports regarding economic development, employee benefits, Band Support Funding (this is the main fund for administrators — CORE funding); 5) preparing property taxes for Council; and 6) accessing funds for Summer student jobs.

Shxwhá:y Village Administration is in the process of defining the division of power for Council and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).